Loyalty program scheme


Cashback on covers

Next to benefiting from the lowest price for coverage on the market, those who stake BRIGHT can now also enjoy an additional cashback on covers.

When buying a cover, Gravel gets a 5% cashback. Pebbles will receive a 10% cashback. For those with a Cobble and Boulder status, we’re giving away an incredible cashback of 15% and 20%, respectively, when they commit for a locked staking period of 3 months.

Limited crystal NFT

The visual foundations of Bright Union’s digitally crafted brand art, our cryptographic crystal cluster, shall be exclusively minted as a dynamic NFT collection: BU_CCC Series.1.

The bigger the crystal you've contributed to our cluster, the more rare your claimable NFT shall be. 263 exclusive NFT's are waiting to be claimed, check your portfolio to see if you are eligible

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